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Foriccia of Fall, EVE Esencia, Return of Yura (0902 Stream)

Posted by wingr2000 - September 4th, 2019


秋のフォーリシア, EVE Esencia, Return of Yura (0902 Stream)




- 秋のフォーリシア 半熟英雄 (Foriccia of Fall Hanjuku Hero)

This is the 4th drawing for Foriccia. 4 more left and it's done.

I don't search the old posts. The other 3 and the sketches (or flow) is attached.

- Return of Yura

Prviate commission as usual. I fixed her body proportion. This may looks a little difference to the streaming one.

- EVE Code: Esencia

Attachment contains all steps from 0 to sketch

I can't finish this at the streaming. And now it has a full sketch picture. 

Escencia dress is look so delicious. But I finally spent 2 hours for this sketch... OTL

- Other things...

I need to exchange the displaycard yesterday. That's the reason I can't submit these works yesterday... ^^"

And it seems display card has problem. It would be freeze or lag 2-3 second after PC run around 2-3 hours.

After it brings me black screen once... I go out and exchange this at before it's 7 days deadline.

But it still has the freeze problem. I mean it even would freeze / lag a little after I read youtube 2-3 hours. Not overclock whole 2-3 hours. If this grade display card even can't handle reading 2-3 tab youtube. It's so AWESOME...... :D

Temperature -- AMD show it maximum around 70C. It usually around 53C.

Power -- If just for browsering it just use 10-20W ; gaming may use 200W. I don't think those internal display or those harddisk would spent all other W and make the system so unstable... :O

Windows get crashed? -- IMy PC has some problem actually. Chrome down often when I type Chinese. Photoshop also has weird problem as... When I used for while, shortcut key won't work. I need to use Type tool > select any type > this reset action makes the shortcut key work for a little while. And the Camera filter only has 1 mins life. If I can't do all thing in 1 mins. It would down.

NOD -- This one is most suspicious. It blocks AMD Catalyst. Sometime it even blocked that and make the AMD Catalyst panel freeze. I need to reset for that. And most time it freezed, after a while NOD pop would show I need to renew the license or something. 

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