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Open Day (WIP 2) + Annie (OC) Design

Posted by wingr2000 - August 8th, 2019





When I do something. I would add more for that.

That is the main reason I prevent to do the dialogue. This would make me blowing up the balloon bigger and bigger. ^^“

When I have new interest thing. I want to add those content to that.

This is the flow

- Annie test drawing for the new tablet (Yea… this is the actual start point. This tablet I brought at end of 2017)

- My school series images. Let me add some prostitution theme! 

~~ Hold for around a year ~~

- Try reopen this drawing and turn her into ryona theme

- This PSD is so crappy > 3P short manga is better than renew this shit

- Time is out > St. Oniku Graduation show set image instead of this

- Comment get some positive, try to reopen this short manga

- Go back this this shit pool PSD again and make 13pic speechless variant (See the 2nd attachment ; the 1st row)

- Try to make dialogue liked ” St. Oniku Graduation show"

- Add some sub characters. And recreate the poster of promote those girls (Liked this cover)

- Dialogue suck. It should be a story > Sub character SUPER Karn chan has characteristic now

- It suck again. Why sub character has more characteristics than the main dishes. This turn for Annie characteristic. Made a Koikatu ver. of Annie too. << Here Now

Let me talk about Annie. I think I already talk about her in very old post which I don’t know which one too… ^^“

If you feel this is boring. You can skip all these.

– Annie Character Designer –

I create Annie when I’m still a student. That is dark history character actually. I remember I try to kill some dark history characters at around 2014. And it turns into OC school series which called Oniku College series now.

I don’t know why I would draw my classmate at those days. If that girl is the one I love. It still make sense. But the actual thing is… I even don’t know her much. The character finally looks nothing liked her.

At the same time, I extremely love Saga Frontier. So the original must be Saga Frontier Annie. Not classmate.

I draw her depands on the sprite. Afterall she either look not liked to Saga Frontier Annie. The only similar things are: 

- Swordman (Gameplay she is swordman… but almost all official art she use twin daggers)

- Green wearing which is similar to Gender bender Heero Yuy

- Short hair

For the reason why she has Chinese name. I talk about she is my classmate. I use her name for this character. The reason why I still keep this (her yuri friend OC Krain don’t keep Chinese name)

aNNie > 丹丹

The shape looks similar. And the new family name is the same reason. NN > M. So the family would be letter M.

But I think I don’t often show her Chinese name Yung Dan Dan (容丹丹)

I think a person has 2 name isn’t a strange thing nowadays.

Another reason I keep Chinese name is… I actually have 0 Asian OC now. (Other dark history characters are not worth to renewal) . Let her become the unique one… Although she doesn’t has Asian characteristic too.

She just liked Overseas Chinese 2nd generation which can’t speak Chinese.

About the reason why all these character become dark history.

All these characters are base on stupid story. It basically liked this :

We are the CHOSEN ONE!

We are the justice braver! 

We would protect the world after school! 

Come on Devil! 

Let’s fight!!!

Krain would be the Goku position. And the almost final chapter. the Annie would say

"Kakarot! You are the number one!”

This is so STUPID.

Yea, I don’t draw ero or ryona at those days.

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This is OC Krain >> https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=46743661

– End of Annie Character Designer –

I also attached the dialogue. It’s not full ver. As I still writing on that…

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